Creating the athletic aesthetic

For Lauren Garcia, senior graphic design major, photography is not just a hobby; it is her profession.

Garcia is the photographer at every athletic event, snapping shots for sports on the sidelines.

She became passionate about photography during her junior year of high school. She took a photography class just for fun, purchased a camera and decided she wanted to pursue photography as a career.

Garcia said she loves photography because she believes there is a story behind every shot. She said she especially enjoys shooting athletic events and landscapes. She serves as an athletic photographer for California Baptist University and wishes to become a photographer for professional sports one day. Garcia grew up with sports in her life and said her dream is to take an incredible shot at an NBA game.

“I personally think that she is a great photographer,” said Garcia’s friend, Derly Pate, senior graphic design major. “I have done a couple of shoots with her and I was able to experience the other side of her work. She’s a great director and her finished product is great.”

Garcia said she enjoys photography because of the freedom she has to be creative and control the outcome of her photos. However, it can be difficult to get the perfect shot at the perfect time.

“Patience is key,” Garcia said. “You’re not always going to get that money shot in the beginning. You just have to wait for the right moment.”

Garcia learns more about photography every day with the courses she takes at CBU.

“Learning from the professors here has been the best source of information for my photography,” Garcia said. “What’s cool about the design program is that all the professors in the program are actually out working, doing recent photo shoots and design work for the industry, so they are taking what they learn and teaching it in the classrooms.”

For inspiration, she looks to professional photographers on Instagram and in National Geographic magazine to view some of their work. Her motivation also comes from closely observing her surroundings and taking in God’s creation.

Garcia’s advice to any beginner photographer is to have fun with it and to create an individual style. She has learned to be creative and unique with every photograph she takes and will continue her passion for years down the road.

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