Students begin journey of service

California Baptist University students gathered Dec. 3 at Sherman Indian Institute High School to hear about where they are  going for the upcoming International Service Projects.

This team reveal is the first step in the journey many students take over the course of their lives in serving the global community.

ISP, which takes place over the summer, gathers students together in a manner similar to that of aid work. This opportunity allows students to see the world in a new way, which aligns with California Baptist University’s emphasis on global worldviews and the Great Commission.

In addition to ISP, there are also United States Projects and extended Summer of Service programs. The 2015 locations for United States Projects include Baltimore, Chicago and New York City, with SOS projects going to various parts of Asia.

“When I found out where I was going last year, I was super stoked,” said Brandon Green, junior healthcare administration major. Green, who went to East Asia during the last round of service projects, now works as an intern in the Office of Mobilization

“I can’t wait for the students to find out where they are going and get to meet their leaders and the other students on their team,” Green continued.

After applicants are accepted into the program, they wait for team reveal, where students are introduced to the individuals that make up their team for the trip.

“The waiting time was about a month,” said Kaylen Lindsay, sophomore mathematics major. Lindsay is serving on an SOS team going to South Asia. “I would say that it wasn’t nerve- wracking until the week before reveal, when it became a reality that I was going to be going overseas for two months and receiving information from the MOB Office with details about team reveal.”

Students are encouraged to get involved with service projects every year, with this year being no exception.

Andres Rodriguez, sophomore international studies major and FOCUS leader, embarked on a trip to Russia with ISP last year and this year told his FOCUS students about it during a class meant to teach students about the importance of serving globally.

“I taught a class with my FOCUS partner Megan Hill about getting plugged into ISP and USP trips,” Rodriguez said. “I showed my class some photos and shared some stories about how my life changed.”

Nicholas Natali, freshman computer science major, learned about ISP during Rodriguez’s class and signed up because of his influence. Now that he as been accepted to ISP, he said he was excited to learn where he will serve next summer.

“I am very thrilled,” Natali said. “My goal is not to be a tourist, but to serve in a way that glorifies God, and I am very excited to see what God has in store for us.”

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