Artist creates new Bible design

Bibliotheca is a new presentation of the Bible that is creating a buzz in the Christian community. What sets this apart from other versions of the Bible is that it is divided into four books instead of the tradi- tional format that contains all 66 books in one.

Adam Lewis Greene, a graphic designer and the driving force behind the Bibliotheca project, sought to make the Bible more palatable by presenting it in the format of a traditional novel. Greene created his own font for the books and changed some of the language to make it easier for readers to comprehend.

“The effort to purify the format of the Scriptures in every way struck me as a highly worshipful way to go about honoring these writings,” said Aubrey Mac- Millan, senior English major.

MacMillan discovered Bibliotheca in an online article. She has already pre-ordered it and said she is excited to receive her copy, which is expected to be ready this summer.

Others have discovered Bibliotheca through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Greene had a goal to raise $37,000, and that goal was surpassed when roughly $1.4 million was raised within two days of meeting the deadline.

Luke Sheveland, senior applied theology major, said he thinks the new Bible design is a great tool that can be used to evangelize.

“Coming right up to someone who’s uncomfortable with the Bible, it might be something to hand to someone,” Sheveland said. “Even just one of the books, maybe not even all four. Just say, ‘I got this great novel that I’m reading and I’d like you to look at it, too.’”

John Montgomery, dean of Spiritual Life, said he views Bibliotheca as an art but not anything past that.

“It looks like it’s a beautiful book and that could give it a broader audience, but I think the downside to that is perhaps that’s all that people think it is,” he said. “The Word of God is more than a book; it claims to be living and active. It claims to be powerful.”

Bibliotheca is now available for pre-order. The complete set of four volumes is available in hardbound and paperback copies and ranges from $75 to $85. For more information visit

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