Meal preparation helps time management, fitness

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Sundays are a time for church, relaxation, catching up on homework and, in Corey Lynman’s case, seasoning his favorite fish and prepping healthy meals for the entire week.

Meal prepping is a process where individuals take time to cook and prepare all their meals for the week in advance. This method is often used to adhere to a certain diet or accomplish a fitness goal.

Lyman, junior mechanical engineering major, said he saves a noticeable amount of money by pre-preparing meals.

Lyman said it is beneficial because he does not have to come home and cook every day, which saves him time.

“I am able to eat more regimented and keep my portions small but continue to eat more often,” Lyman said. “A lot of people have a problem eating the same thing over and over again, but I change the flavor of what I am eating to have more of a variety.”

Nicole Bell, junior biology major, said there are several benefits to meal prepping,. One benefit Bell notices is how meal prepping helps save time throughout the week.

“It helps ensure you are getting good quality, nutritional foods because, as we all know, it is much easier to grab junk food when you are in a hurry,” Bell said. “It definitely does require some time set aside once or maybe twice a week depending on how much food you need, but the payout is well worth it.”

Elizabeth Trunko, junior nursing major, said she enjoys meal prepping because it saves her time with a busy schedule.

She said one of her favorite recipes to make for a quick breakfast is a green smoothie that includes blended pineapple and kale.

“It is a lot easier to eat healthy throughout the week if you already know what you have prepared for yourself,” Trunko said. “It may seem like such a hassle when you have to prepare the food, but in the long run this method tends to help me by choosing a healthy choice and keeping me eating throughout the week.”

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