‘Parks and Rec’ actor to visit CBU

After seven years, NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” is coming to an end. To celebrate the television series, California Baptist University is hosting an event titled “Come Say Farewell to ‘Parks and Recreation’ with Jerry” honoring actor Jim O’Heir. The event will be held in Yea- ger A112 on Feb. 17 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

O’Heir plays Garry Gergich — formerly known as Jerry, Larry and now Terry — who is happily married and employed by the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. He is often caught on the wrong end of department jokes. O’Heir has been a regular cast member in the show as of season three and has appeared in 124 out of 125 episodes of the show.

“Jerry is such a lovable underdog. I started watching when he had a stronger presence in the show,” said Megan Rusokoff, senior biology major. “I think ‘Parks and Rec’ started finding a solid groove when he was added to the cast. ”

During the event, event planner and physics professor Dr. Jim Buchholz will be interviewing O’Heir about the television industry and his role on the show.

“How often do you get a chance to meet one of the stars?” Buchholz said and encouraged students to attend the upcoming event. “O’Heir is a Christian actor, which will make it interesting to hear if that’s had an influence on his life.”

After the interview, CBU students will have the opportunity to watch the two episodes preceding the finale on a live Eastern time feed of NBC with O’Heir.

“‘Parks and Recreation’ always makes me laugh,” said Kandice Johnston, senior film major. “Jim O’Heir’s Jerry is an important part of the cast. I can’t wait to see Larry talk.”

O’Heir has played various roles in television, including appearances on “3rd Rock From the Sun,” “ER,” “Boston Legal” and “Switched at Birth.” The actor also played the role of Mr. Schrader in the film “Accepted.”

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