Student bikes wilderness trails

As an activity that all ages can participate in and enjoy, the sport of mountain biking has gone through waves of popularity and is seeing a resurgence.

Daniel Munoz, junior kinesiology major at California Baptist University, is an avid mountain biker.

The new popularity of mountain biking makes Munoz hopeful for the future. It is growing rapidly and helping to bring people together.

“It’s really a great community because you do run into the same people all the time and you can introduce more people to it,” Munoz said.

Munoz has been mountain biking for 20 years and has raced in more than 200 races.

“It’s an awesome way of transportation, and it’s always an adventure,” Munoz said. “You never know what you’re going to come up on.”

One thing to be cautious about on a ride is coming in contact with various wildlife while riding. Snakes are common on the trails but so are other animals such as mountain lions, which Munoz has come across seven times in his mountain biking career.

Munoz said he enjoys riding at Sycamore Canyon in Riverside and Chino Hills, but prefers riding at Cleveland National Forest in San Diego.

Out of the many rides he takes, Munoz said the best rides are with his family and friends. A specific event that was memorable for him was a ride he took with his father, who he rides with often.

“I finally took him on his first 100-mile mountain bike ride on Halloween last year,” Munoz said.

“We climbed 17,000 feet during that ride and had a blast.” There is a special routine that Munoz follows before he goes out on a ride. He has a balanced meal, makes sure that all of his gear is ready and checks his bike to make sure it is in perfect condition.

“Usually, I get out early in the morning when I’m most motivated, and I try to start my ride with lots of climbing so the end is a downhill cruise to the finish,” Munoz said.

Mountain biking continues to be a source of community and fitness for Munoz.

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