Film major excels in Hollywood career

The drive to Los Angeles to work in a voice-over studio or as an extra on a film set is what each weekend looks like for Jessie Coblentz.

Coblentz, senior film studies major, is extensively involved in academics, school community and her job.

Her favorite hobby is anything related to film, and she said she considers herself fortunate that her job involves her favorite interests.

“I love all aspects of film; I love being behind that camera, in front of the camera, whatever,” Coblentz said.

She said she has been involved in the film industry since she was young.

Her first job as a child was to be a “professional screamer,” where she would be hired as the voice of screaming children in horror movies.

Today, Coblentz continues to do voice-over work. As a voice-over actress, Coblentz is used to fill in sound and conversations in films and provide vocal clarity in scenes that may need sound retouching.

Coblentz has worked in popular films, with her most notable work being in “Charlie St. Cloud,” “Step Up 5” and “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.”

Her voice can be heard in a conversation with Zac Efron in “Charlie St. Cloud” and also in the stands during a scene of the recent release “Unbroken.”

“A lot of the time, voice actors don’t get credited on film, so (‘Step Up 5’) was my first credit as a voice-over actor,” Coblentz said.

Most recently, she was named Miss Golden Reel for the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Guild Golden Reel awards.

Coblentz explained that Miss Golden Reel is a title and responsibility given to a young person who has a heavy presence in the sound community of the film industry.

As Miss Golden Reel, Coblentz stands on stage and hands the trophy to the winner of each category at the MPSE awards ceremony.

On top of all of her work in Hollywood, Coblentz is also very involved in school and community life.

She has served as a transfer Focus leader and now works as a resident representative for the Associated Students of California Baptist University.

Coblentz explained that while sometimes it is a struggle to balance everything she is involved in, she perseveres.

She has a set routine to help her get everything done in a timely manner so she can remain connected in both school and work.

Those who know Coblentz attest to the fact that she is driven to persevere, and stay positive and motivated.

Coblentz’s roommate and close friend speaks highly of Coblentz’s attitude and persistence in all that she does.

“She is so good at making the most of any situation and finding joy in every part of life, it’s contagious,” said Anna Lutschkin, sophomore Christian behavioral science major.

With everything in which she is currently involved, Coblentz takes each challenge head-on.

“I like the pressure. I like having a lot of things going on,” Coblentz said.

“Sometimes it is stressful, but I’m passionate about everything that I’m doing.”

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