Imagine Dragons debuts new album

The highly anticipated sophomore album from the alternative rock band Imagine Dragons, “Smoke + Mirrors,” dropped Feb. 17. It is safe to say fans will not be disappointed.

This new album contains everything from upbeat anthems to lyrics honestly depicting the struggles of life. The spirituality within the lyrics on their first album, “Night Visions,” continues to come through on this sophomore release.

There is much to get excited about in terms of new sounds. The album begins with a toe-tapping song titled “Shots.”

The first thing to hit the listener’s ears is an upbeat guitar solo. Immediately following, frontman Dan Reynolds expresses fear of ruining a relationship. The chorus is filled with his apology and frustration, since he feels he has been damaging his relationships all of his life. His vocal ability is proven through his control of high notes.

Reynolds’ desire to better himself continues to come through in the previously released single, “I Bet My Life.” This song consists of another upbeat apology where the singer says, despite the struggle in the relationship, their bond is still unbreakable. The song’s folk elements are reminiscent of Mumford and Sons.

“Gold” is another track on the album standing out from the work Imagine Dragons has done in the past. The use of percussion creates a haunting gypsy sound. The song emphasizes the artist’s struggle with fame and how his life has changed dramatically. Reynolds wrestles with this as he sings, “Who can you trust when everything you touch turns to gold?”

The new album is now available to purchase on iTunes for $11.99 and is on Spotify for free streaming.

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