CBU language courses honor cultural diversity

National flags, food and cultural items flooded Stamps Courtyard at California Baptist University March 23 to spread worldwide traditions and information about language classes offered as part of World Languages Day.

Students from language classes set up booths to share information about the language they are learning and what their class experience has been like. Piñatas, sombreros and cultural decorations were displayed on the booths along with information about the country they were presenting.

World Languages Day presented opportunities for students to learn about languages, cultures and details about other countries.

Booths were set up for Chinese, Russian, France, Latin and Spanish languages for students to walk through and learn if they are interested in signing up for a language class for the 2015-16 school year.

At the Spanish language booth, students passed out flyers about how to apply Spanish units to the classes necessary for graduation requirements and it also included intriguing artifacts that caught bystander’s eyes.

Dr. William Flores, associate professor of Spanish and director of the Spanish program, encouraged his students to help spread the diversity in cultures and languages to other students at CBU who have not taken a language class.

Flores stressed the importance of the Spanish language in the United States.

“We offer Spanish as a major and minor here at CBU; that works well for students to take for their career,” Flores said. “It’s an opening for many job opportunities because it is very needed to learn Spanish here in California.”

Dorielle Manning, junior marketing major and Spanish-speaking student, said she enjoyed setting up and participating in World Languages Day. Of all the language courses offered at CBU, Manning said she decided to take Spanish.

“It’s more practical to use Spanish because of our location,” Manning said.

Manning said she not only learns about the Spanish language while taking a Spanish course, but she also learns about Spanish culture.

Irina Renfro, assistant professor of modern languages and literature, participated in the event to show students what her Russian classes offer. As students passed by, the Russian professor wrote their names in Russian.

“Many people don’t know that CBU has a Russian class that you can take, so I think this event helped people know that there is more than just an English and Spanish class at CBU,” Renfro said.

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