Men’s volleyball player helps bring team balance

For the second time this season, the California Baptist University men’s volleyball team took home a win against University of California, San Diego on March 8.

Making an impact on the success of the team was Zachary Melcher, freshman marketing major and setter. Melcher has played in 20 matches this season, but the work he has put in this season showed off in the match against UCSD as he helped lead the Lancers to a second conference win over the Tritons.

“Zach was steady,” said Wes Schneider, head coach of the men’s volleyball team. “He’s been getting better daily and we knew he and the team were starting to connect better. It was just a matter of time before they started connecting and Friday was that time.”

Schneider also said that Melcher plays a big role in the composure of the team.

“He does a good job of keeping everyone together,” he said. “It really showed in this match.”

Melcher finished the match with a career-high 54 assists, five digs, three blocks, three kills and one ace.

The Arizona native said being a part of the CBU volleyball team has been a great experience for him.

“I love being a part of this team,” he said. “I have formed so many friendships and we are like a big family.”

The team prepared to face a much stronger UCSD as the Tritons typically play better on their home court.

“We watched a lot of film to be mentally sound going into this game,” Melcher said. “I was pretty confident in what needed to be done, so I tried to bring an uplifting and confident spirit to the court to help encourage my teammates.”

Schneider said Melcher brings a good spirit to the court each day.

“He is a very competitive guy that brings a good balance of fun and intensity to the gym,” Schneider said. “He is very talented and is getting more consistent in his role every day.”

Melcher said he would like to see the team one day win a national championship and become known nationwide.

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