Remodel adds office space

The reconstruction by The Point apartment complex on campus will soon be home to new offices for California Baptist University departments, including new offices for the coaches of the wrestling team.

When the Athletics Department demonstrated a need for more space for its wrestling coaches and team, CBU leadership complied.

The Point apartment building closest to Adams Street is undergoing reconstruction to turn into a group of offices, a handful of which will be designated to the wrestling program for offices for the wrestling coaches and a team room. This renovation will not only provide more space for the coaches, but can also improve recruitment opportunities for the department as a whole.

Dr. Micah Parker, director of Athletics, said the need for more building space was the next logical step for the Athletics Department.

The move will place Lennie Zalesky, head wrestling coach, closer to the wrestling gym, which is located in Lancer Plaza next to the post office. Office spaces for the assistant coaches will also be provided.

A fully furnished team room will also be part of the reconstruction. The room will have couches, chairs, refrigerators, a white board and an audio visual element that will allow the coaches to review plays made during previous tournaments.

Steve Smith, director of Facilities and Planning Services, said the remainder of the building is undesignated office space.

“The building use and occupancy typology was as directed by CBU leadership and is keeping with CBU’s Design guidelines and standards as they apply to both campus perimeter structures (Magnolia Avenue and Adams Street frontages) and to typical office and athletic usage,” Smith said in an email.

“The overall direction of programming, occupancy and usage is directed by the Univer- sity President Dr. Ronald Ellis and the Executive Council,” Smith continued. “From there, the execution of the planning design development, plan check process and construction coordination through to completion falls to my department and assigned staff.”

The cost for the interior decoration, much of which includes the purchase of tables, chairs, bookcases and couches, is approximately $35,000.

Parker said these costs are largely supported by fundraising in the wrestling community. The overall cost for the exterior renovation is projected to be $1.3 million, Smith said. Parker said the importance of this renovation lies not only in added space for the wrestling coaches, but also in recruitment for the wrestling department. An improved facility is ideal for CBU, especially when pro- spective students come to the school in hopes of becoming Lancer athletes.

The exterior renovation is expected to be completed by July. Parker said he hopes it will be fully functional by the beginning of the fall semester.

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