Skin care tips for summer days

The countdown to summer has begun and in order to have four months of ecstatic adventures and sun-kissed skin, precaution is key.

Start each day by applying sunscreen even if you do not intend to spend time outside. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the sun emits its most harmful rays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. To maintain a healthy layer of skin, sun exposure should be kept to a minimum.

“For protection against the sun, look for anything that says ‘broad-spectrum protection,’” said Amy Clarke, itinerant cosmetician. “Titanium dioxide or zinc oxide for the remaining UVA spectrum are also great active ingredients to have in your sunscreen. My favorite sunscreens are from Coola Suncare. Their spray-on sunscreen and lip balm are a must for me when I’m headed to the beach or the pool.”

During the warm summer temperatures, staying hydrated is crucial. Drinking water rejuvenates skin and keeps it from dehydrating.

Eating summer foods such as watermelon and oranges that contain large amounts of water will also help skin stay at its best.

With more time spent outside in the hot weather, skin pores begin to clog from the sweat and can accumulate more bacteria.

“I just make sure I wash my face once a day,” said Lauren Davis, freshman business administration major. “In the summer I hardly wear makeup because I’m always in the lake or off-roading, so my skin definitely looks better.”

Finding the perfect exfoliating scrub or facial cleanser is beneficial.

“To moisturize I use unscented Aveeno lotion or coconut oil every night before I go to bed, and argan oil on my face,” said Alyson English, freshman biology major. “Argan oil is a little thicker so putting it on during the day makes my face greasy but overnight it works perfectly.”

Working out and sweating out toxins cleanses the body and increases blood circulation. As a result, skin reflects a healthy glow that people will notice.

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