College prepares in more than academia

College is a time for many new experiences. It is a time to make new friends, become independent and enjoy those first few years of

Although college’s most common role is to teach the skills necessary to succeed in a career, it is also the transition from the unsure high school student to the confident adult ready to take on the world.

During my two years at California Baptist University, I have learned a few things that prepared me for the world beyond college.

I will admit that I did not think I was ready for college right out of high school. While I knew I could handle the schoolwork, the idea of being on my own was terrifying.

I compromised and spent two years at a community college so I could live at home. When it came time to move onto campus at CBU, I was scared. In fact, the first night, I told myself that I was going to leave after the first semester and go  back home.

I learned that I need to give new experiences a chance. It is hard to try new things, but the experiences can be amazing once the initial fear of jumping in is removed.

My first night, I cried because I wanted to leave, and my last night before graduation, I cried because I wanted to stay. College definitely taught me that I cannot let my fears stop me from new experiences, because if I had left, I would have missed out on meeting some amazing people and creating unforgettable memories.

College also taught me that I do not need to have everything figured out. At first, it seemed like everyone knew exactly what they wanted their career to be and what they wanted to do for the rest of their life. I had absolutely no idea.

I graduated this spring, and I still have no idea what I want to do for a career. I have come to see that it is OK. As a liberal studies graduate, it is expected that I would become a teacher and maybe one day, I will.

For now, I am not sure exactly what I want to do. This major did help me realize that I love working with kids and I want to do that in some capacity. It is scary to graduate and hear everyone around you talking about their jobs out of college or their plans to get that job.

I have come to learn that I do not need to have everything planned out. I just need to trust God’s plan for my life and continue to explore new things in order to figure it out.

Not only did I make some great memories that I will treasure forever at college, but I learned many new things about myself.

View college as the window of opportuniy for growth in areas outside of professionalism. Embrace change, learn from mistakes and trust that the Lord will reveal his plan for your life.

Jessica Scheevel is a 2015 CBU alumna with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies.

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