Colored hair takes hold

Pastel hair, one of the newest trends of the year, has evolved into a social normality. This trend is in high demand among people who prefer spunky hairstyles, inspiring a number of California Baptist University students to take a risk and give the style a chance.

Pastel tones are seen on people of all ages. Women everywhere, even some men, are ditching their natural locks for light shades of pinks, purples and blues.

Kassandra Lashley, junior psychology major, is among those who call themselves pastel hair enthusiasts.

“I love this trend because it is a great way for people to be able to express themselves,” Lashley said. “It can also be for anyone, whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight. You can take this trend and put your own personal twist on it, making it your own.”

Although some may claim this trend has been largely popularized by celebrities, Charity Sando, sophomore communication disorders major, said she chose the pastel route even before it became popular.

“I’m a quiet girl from a quiet town that has a bit of crazy in her, and this was the perfect outlet for my craziness,” Sando said. “Inspiration came from the desire to stand out and be unique.”

Sando added she has received mixed reviews for her vibrant hair. She has heard everything from skepticism to praise from strangers, revealing the broad spectrum of opinion on the current trend.

The skepticism, Lashley also found, primarily came from management at her workplace. Although this trend is gaining popularity, various professional institutions seem hesitant to accept pastel tones.

“My summer job as an administrative assisstant at a party event supply company does not mind the teal hair, but this is because I am behind a desk all day answering phones,” Lashley said. However, this was not the case in the field of food service  where she currently works because, she said there was a requirement of natural tones.

Although it would seem understandable for formal workplace environments to prefer a more conservative appearance for their employees, Sando and Lashley both agree embracing this bold fashion statement is much more than just having colored hair, it allows one’s personality to shine through.

Pastel hair can be professionally done or dyed at home as Sando has done.

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