Dean sets fitness goals, stays healthy

It is not often people are willing to get up and change their fitness and health, especially someone with so many responsibilities and so little time. Yet, one member of the California Baptist University community has exemplified this trait.

Juggling the tasks of being a husband, father and working full time, Anthony Lammons, dean of students for the Student Services Office makes some wonder where the time, motivation and strength comes from to stay healthy and fit.

“I reflect several years back,” Lammons said. “I was more physically active, there were  a group of guys and we use to play basketball on a regular basis here at the university, then life just kept moving forward. I was getting older and time to be able to get in the gym just wasn’t a possibility, so I had just basically stop exercising.”

Lammons said he would go on frequent walks with his wife, but would also get in the mode of complaining about his

As age 50 hit, Lammons said he did not want to be the person who would be living out of the medicine cabinet as he got older.

“I want to give some credit to Chris Hofschroer, assistant dean of students for the Office of Community Life,” Lammons said. “During our weekly meeting times, I mentioned to him that I should start working out again and he mentioned the Recreation Center.”

Lammons disccused talking to Hofschroer about his lack of fitness motivation one too many times.

Chris Hofschroer decided he was going to call the Rec Center for Lammons to schedule an appoitment with Joe Fix, the fitness program coordinator.

“The key to obtaining anyone’s fitness goals is an accounatabiltiy partner and keeping it consistent,” Fix said.

“My experience at the Rec Center has been excellent,” Lammons said. “There’s a very welcoming staff.”

Lammons explained his first day at the Rec Center was very difficult.

“I got in there and my mind was saying, ‘Oh, you’ve done this kind of stuff before’,” Lammons said. “My body said, ‘It’s been a long time.’ I didn’t even make it through the first day.”

Most of Lammons motivation to keep his fitness consistent came from his wife and children.

Lammons said a nice motivation  is the little comments people make here and there, making him feel good about his fitness progress.

Lammons said he feels the increase in energy and better sleep, making the payoff even better.

“As I age, being able to continue being active is also one of the big things,” Lammons said.

The Rec Center offers personal training for the CBU community, which includes includes 10 free sessions and a body and health assessment.

Interested people may sign up online at the Rec Center website or pick up forms at the front desk.

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