Frozen yogurt shop aims to serve college students

Chillz Frozen Yogurt is a small shop in the heart of Grand Terrace, California, which has offered a college-friendly environment and frozen yogurt since its grand opening in the summer of 2014.

Chillz featured live penguins to catch the attention of everybody in town at the ceremony and has since been drawing people in with their wide selection of yogurt that features new flavors such as Banana Rama and Cheesecake.

“Grand Terrace is a good location for Chillz because of the small town and the support of the people in the community,” said Ashlyn Preston, certified manager and senior psychology major at California State University, San Bernardino.

The atmosphere is geared toward students with the newest radio hits always playing in the background and tables available indoors and outdoors for students to spread out and study while enjoying a frozen treat or drink.

“The community in Grand Terrace needed a place like Chillz because it is not only fun, happy and clean, but a family owned business with a friendly environment,” said Jamie Young, one of three owners of the small business.

Besides being a college student-friendly storefront, the owners also try to hire their best demographic of customers in order to help students pay bills and acquire work experience.

“I hire college-age employees because they are mature, goal-driven and hard workers,” Young said.

The store offers more than just frozen yogurt by providing customers with the choice of coffee, smoothies or even Frappachillz, the store’s name for their frappucinos.

“Every day, regulars come in for yogurt,” Preston said. “Our busiest hours are after school between 2 and 4 p.m. on weekdays.”

The crowd of regulars consists of college students from all over the area, such as California Baptist University; California State University, San Bernardino and Riverside City College, as well as local high schools.

“The best thing about working at Chillz is trying new flavors of yogurt and being a barista,” said Jazzy Contaoi, barista and sophomore marine biology major at RCC.

“I like the location of Chillz because Grand Terrace is different than other towns in the Inland Empire,” said Gabriel Reyes, CBU alumnus. “The selection of music here is cool because I can eat to the beat. The atmosphere is cool and calm.”

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