Mr., Mrs. Smith take over men’s dormitory

A newly married couple is  officially joining the staff this year at California Baptist University;  they are Mr. and Mrs. Smith, better known as Austin and Niki Boaman.

Austin Boaman is the new residence director of Smith Hall, where he will be living with his wife, Niki Boaman, a graduate assistant in the Office of Spiritual Life.

The newlyweds and recent graduates both described their excitement to continue their journey together.

“We think that living in Smith Hall during our first couple years of marriage will be beneficial because we will be able to do ministry side by side,” Austin said. “We are extremely excited and honored to live where we work and where we are invested.”

Although there are great benefits to being immersed in campus culture together, both agree it will take some getting used to.

“It will definitely take somewhat of an adjustment being a married couple living in an all-guys freshman dorm, but we are up to it and Niki can handle the smells,” Austin said.

The couple are no strangers to CBU, having lived in the dorms during their freshman years and later serving as resident advisors.

“I think my role as an RA helped me understand the purpose of Residence Life and how lives can truly be changed on campus through the RA position,”
Austin said.

Following their graduation in 2014, Austin worked as an admissions counselor and Niki worked in the Office of Spiritual Life, allowing them to fully embrace CBU from a professional standpoint. Both agree these experiences prepared them to take on new leadership responsibilities and establish effective relationships with students.

The Boamans said they appreciate CBU for its enriching environment, opportunities to build community and, of course, El Monte Grill.

“We know we won’t be able to be a part of (the community) forever, but this is a great time of life where we get to do that for a job,” Niki said.

In addition to the traditions at Smith Hall that make living there an entirely  new experience, as an RD, Austin said he plans to introduce new events to Smith, including a Smith coffee house and sports night to further enhance the community spirit.

Austin and Niki anticipate seeing the men’s lives transformed in a  positive way.

“We are expecting that Smith Hall will be a place where freshman guys feel loved, known and invested in,” Austin said. “We want every single guy to walk out of their hall at the end of the year knowing that they were loved and knowing that they formed lasting and impactful relationships.”

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