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Socality is a movement that launched January 2014.  Through social media, this movement has connected thousands of people and has encouraged them to build relationships with the community around them through funding charities through social media influence.

“We are forging out a new way for people to connect and share the faith,” said Scott Bakken, founder and creative director of Socality.

The campaign debuted with the hope of connecting communities around the world so that individuals from all creative aspects can come together and build relationships with one  another.

Their mission statement is in the word itself; (SO) social (CO) community (AL) all (ITY)  for eternity. The biggest challenge for Socality has been explaining who they are and what their purpose is.

“You have to try and win the confidence of the traditionalists who are still learning that faith and the expression of Christ isn’t limited to four walls or Sunday mornings,” Bakken said. “This being said, we are 100 percent committed to the cause of Christ and have strong desire to work with local churches and leaders.”

‘This movement can serve as a tool for college students who want to take their everyday life and connect it to a bigger purpose. “We are passionate about connecting people in local communities outside traditional spaces,” Bakken said. “We see a huge opportunity to train and develop people online when it comes to their skills, faith and community impact.”

Connecting with one’s community through social media is a concept that has been around for years, and Socality gives it a twist by allowing people to connect through the arts. By using hashtags such as #socality and #socalitycalifornia, students at CBU have the opportunity to connect globally and locally with others who share the same talents and are willing to establish relationships through it.

“I would definitely encourage CBU students to check it out,” said Dirk Dallas, assistant professor of graphic design. Dallas has participated in the movement since Bakken contacted him about his vision about community. Dallas has also spoken at one of the conferences and attended some of the Instagram meets.

“If someone is new to the area or just feels lonely because they don’t have community anywhere, then getting connected with Socality would be a great way to find new friends,” Dallas said.

A few conferences that have taken place such as Socality Live San Diego, Socality PDX in Portland, and Socality Live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada had influencers speak about photography, design and fashion that can be used as tools for strengthening the people involved in the movement.

“We had amazing keynote speakers, workshops, worship sessions and a finale concert from Switchfoot,” Bakken said. Socality also organizes projects every month that CBU students can participate in by gathering friends and using hashtags to invite others. One project focused on raising awareness on the water crisis across the world.

In the month of June, Socality created the Neighbor Project and joined with Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself, a nonprofit clothing brand. CBU students can share using the #socalityneighborproject hashtag.

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