Students break Guinness record for largest Bunco tournament

California Baptist University students set and broke the Guinness World Record for most people playing the dice game, Bunco, simultaneously during Welcome Weekend for incoming  freshman and transfer students.

A total of 748 participants  partook in setting the world record on Sept. 6 on the Front Lawn at CBU.

Chris Hofschroer, assistant dean of students, helped negotiate with Guinness after a long round of discussions to set and break the record for the most people playing Bunco simultaneously.

Hofschroer said CBU wanted to do this event for Welcome Weekend because it involves frequent partner swapping,
keeping students engaged.

To set the new world’s record at least 250 participants had to play five rounds of Bunco, and CBU surpassed it with 748 new students participating.

The game itself involves rolling three dice in a series of rounds, aiming to score 21. People play in games of two against two. Once the score of 21 is reached, pairs advance to the next table in line to start the process over again. The goal is to advance until they reach the head table.

“It’s like a version of speed dating because you’re constantly with a new partner, so in the next round you’re guaranteed not to be with the same partner,” Hofschroer said.

The event helped new freshmen and transfers mingle with other new students on campus and encouraged positive relationships. Students were encouraged to dress up wearing costumes to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Bunco entails all chance and does not require having prior experience in the socially interactive dice game.

Daxton Gordon, freshman biology major, won a pair of Beats by Dre headphones after having the high score of seven Buncos.

“I really enjoyed playing Bunco tonight, but I wasn’t expecting to win,” Gordon said. “I must have had really good luck tonight.”

Savannah Maier, freshman pre-nursing major and first-time Bunco player, said she was surprised with how confusing Bunco’s point system is.

“I still ended up winning six rounds,” Maier said.

The attendees wore the Welcome Weekend Clash-n-Roll gear to enhance their orientation experience. FOCUS leaders and resident advisers rushed to students and screamed “Bunco” every 20 seconds while placing a giant plastic foam cowboy hat on the current leader.

Kicking up dust and losing their voices, the attendees’ energy was electric, even by Guinness adjudicator Philip Robertson’s standards.

Robertson mentioned  the participants who broke the Guinness World Record at Welcome Weekend were the “most enthusiastic crowd” he had seen since his time with Guinness.

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