Apple unveils products, falls short of innovation

Here we are in September, yet again waiting for the arrival of the new line of products Apple has unveiled at their annual keynote speech but not really seeing any true

Apple officially announced the release of its latest products to the public  Sept. 9: the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, iOS9
and a number of smaller improvements.

A pencil, a rose gold color option for the iPad Pro and an eerily familiar professional-grade tablet were the highlights of the tech company’s latest announcement, each ranging in price from $99
to $1,399.

Along with the fancy stylus and pink iPhone, speculation of the new iPhone 6S was confirmed with such features as a better camera, 3D touch and quicker processor, but what is the point?

As Steve Jobs said, “So let’s not use a stylus. We’re going to use the best pointing device in the world — our fingers.” So why is the Apple Pencil even in existence?

The pattern for  technology being released today is to imitate in order to innovate, when it should be innovate so that others try to imitate.

Much of their sales come from being the “trendy” company, where the appearance and “feel” of the product will draw loyal, customers back to them time and time again.

Apple may think they are an innovative and progressive company, but really  they are only improving the flagship products instead of giving some much-needed attention to their basics.

The charging cables for Apple devices still break within a few months of use, headphones are prone to losing sound quality over time and FaceTime is still waiting for an upgrade since its release five years ago.

Consumers are better off using Oovoo or Skype to video chat with multiple people at once instead of using FaceTime, or buying an off-brand charging cable than investing $30 into a cord that barely reaches from an outlet to a counter top.

New features and products are wonderful and it is great to see the competition between Apple and other companies as they grow, but at the end of the day the basic issues  need to be handled.

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