Autumn season provides new crop of games

This fall, video game companies far and wide are planning on releasing their latest products to the anxious masses of fans who have waited months, even years for a new additions to series for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

EA Sports “FIFA 16” is a new installment for die-hard and casual soccer fans alike. It is set to release Sept. 22 and features plenty of upgrades from last year’s iteration of the game.

This year’s release includes new features, such as “confidence in defending” and “control in midfield,” two features that fans have been waiting for the franchise to adopt for years.

“‘FIFA’ has been a little behind the curve with defense and confidence tactics,” said Jonathan Gradias, senior healthcare administration major. “Now that the game has adopted those new styles of play, I can’t wait to jump back in.”

“Halo 5: Guardians” ships on Oct. 27. The next installment of the franchise is developed by 343 Industries. The developer just released their first Halo title, “Halo 4,” in 2012. The new title is a console exclusive game available only on Xbox One.

“I think our generation was in fifth or sixth grade (when Halo was first released) but it’s an awesome game that everyone enjoys playing,” said Saul Sanchez, senior international business major. “It may seem nerdy to talk about, but in reality, (Halo) is a really fun game and the story line just keeps getting better.”

Along with “FIFA” and “Halo,” comes the newest “Call of Duty” incarnation, “Call of Duty: Black Ops III,” which is set to launch later in the fall. The series is returning to one of its most popular franchises, “Black Ops,” for a Nov. 6 release.

A beta test of the game in August gave fans who preordered the game a glimpse of what was in store for them, and allowed Treyarch, a Call of Duty developer acquired by Activision, to finely tune the multiplayer experience before the game goes live in the upcoming months.

As the days pass, anticipation is only building as fans of each series prepare to buy and play after months of hype for each game.

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