Company sells backpacks, gives back

STATE bags are making sales to give back to the country. With every STATE bag sold, the company will hand-pack one of their bags with supplies and essentials to send an American child in need fully prepared for their school year.

The company’s commitment is to make a difference in local kids’ lives. STATE Bags is a benefit corporation, meaning they are for-profit, but promote a positive impact on society and the environment.

Scot Tatelman, co-founder of STATE bags, said he was inspired back in 2009 when he and his wife Jacqueline created a nonprofit summer camp called Camp POWER.

“(Camp POWER) hosted hundreds of kids who were growing up in Brooklyn’s most underfunded and turbulent neighborhoods,” Tatelman said. eing the kids at camp, the Tatelmans said they came to realize a need.

“We witnessed countless kids carrying all their belongings in trash bags,” Scot Tatelman said. “It became very clear that in addition to a week away from Brooklyn, the kids also needed new bags, new
jackets, shoes and a whole bunch of stuff. But we also noticed that ‘stuff’ could only go so far. It was encouragement from positive figures and love that would propel them to
beat the odds stacked against them. All of this inspired Jacq and I to create STATE bags and our
GiveBackPack Program.”

In order to have the bags pack and ready to be received, ‘PackMen’ and ‘PackWomen’ are a huge part of what makes the program successful. These men and women are experienced specialists and lead motivational rallies for the kids, encouraging them to believe in themselves.

Sam Stager, Principal of Midland Elementary School in Moreno Valley, said students in low poverty schools may not be aware of their lacking supplies, but that does not make there lack of preparation any less important.

“When a child is prepared for school, even if it’s just with basic supplies, like a backpack, it lowers their anxiety and allows them to focus on learning,” Stager said.

Once STATE gives the kids their bag, workers provide them with the STATE Supply Shop.
The kids are allowed to pick out school supplies, healthy snacks and gear for their school year.

“We always tell the kids at bag drops that, as great it is to donate a new bag, it is even better when it’s packed with the tools they need to succeed,” Scot Tatelman said.

Amanda Gray, junior pre-nursing major, said she thinks STATE bags are an incredible company.

“Helping kids who need not only supplies, but a renewed hope and encouragement is so important and makes a huge impact,” Gray said.

Scot and Jacqueline Talman have been able to assist and inspire American children in their preparation for education. Their company strives to help kids reach their fullest potential and “always have their back.”

STATE bags are available on their website, and select stores.

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