Externally, internally processing thoughts provides health benefits

Introverts and extroverts alike need to process in ways that are healthy.

There are several ways to process what life throws at us, and are typically separated into two categories: internal and external processing.

Those who process internally tend not to share what they are feeling immediately. Rather, they take time to go over their initial reactions and feelings. External processors need to express themselves and their feelings aloud, allowing converstion with others to bring sense to the chaotic things they may be feeling inside.

While both types are
beneficial and vary for eachΒ  individual, can expressing the opposite be a postive process
as well?

Wanting to do what is comforting and familiar is not negative, but pushing yourself to think outside of your default mental activities may increase the quality with which you process your feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Journaling is an outlet that is beneficial to both internal and external processors. Putting words on paper can help formulate thoughts wholly.

Just as writing is a creative outlet that allows words to be let out instead of holding everything in, talking things out with someone you know and trust is equally beneficial.

Sometimes, hearing your feelings out loud helps to authenticate emotions, and getting feedback from a person you trust can help alleviate stress.

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