Health science shifts to facility on Monroe

A new semester brings exciting new changes to California Baptist University with the addition of the new College of Health Science campus on Monroe Street, across from the baseball field.

Dr. David Pearson, interim dean, will oversee the develop- ment of the campus. The college is transitioning from the “College of Allied Health” to the “College of Health Science,” as well as expanding to a new campus. The college is changing its name to further accommodate the growing program.

“By definition, ‘Allied Health’ refers to specific vocations, specifically health care providers other than physicians and nurses,” Pearson said. “So

while some of our degree programs lead to allied health careers, many of our offerings are not technically allied health. ‘Health Science’ is a more accurate term.”

Students who have previously been in the College of Allied Health should not worry. Pearson explained the professional advantages students will now have due to the name change. Pearson said the term “Health Sciences” is more widely recognized in the field compared to “Allied Health.”

“It will make the processes of student recruitment and professional placement more effective,” he said.

Pearson hopes to make a difference at CBU. His goals are centered on the faculty, staff and students.

“(To) support existing programs and research future programs that will benefit our students and community,” he said. “(Also to) assist the Health Science faculty, staff and students in realizing their God-given talents and helping direct them toward their calling.”

While the campus currently has buildings for classrooms, the upcoming physician assistant studies program and offices, they are looking forward to additions that will be made in years to come.

When funds become available, more labs for athletic training will be added, and the exercise science and kinesiology programs will transition onto the new campus.

Stephanie MacGilfrey, senior healthcare administration major, said she is excited for the new transition.

“It is such a blessing to have a place where the Health Sciences and other departments can call home,” she said. “It is crazy to think that this has come about in such a short period of time.”

The plan was to build a new building to be shared with the nursing program, but when the opportunity came to purchase Riverside Christian School two years ago, the decision was “a no brainer,” as Pearson described it.

“My goal is for the (College of Health Science) to be the top choice of regional high school students interested in health science related careers and to expand that reach globally so students from all over recognize the work done by the amazing faculty and staff in the College of Health Science,” Pearson said.

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