New on-campus eatery provides varied options

Monroe To-Go is a new stop-and-go eatery at California Baptist University made available to students, staff and faculty.

Located directly across from the baseball field on Monroe Street, the cafe opened Sept. 8 for the first day of school. The new location  allows the CBU community to grab a snack  in between classes Monday through Friday 11:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Jeff Willis, assistant manager of food and beverage for Provider, helps manage the store and said it can be a great place to go for convenience.

“Because of where chapel is, we’re kind of in the middle, so if people don’t want to wait in long lines, we’re a little bit quicker right now,” Willis said. “That can change once everyone finds out the secret.”

Monroe To-Go features sandwiches, snacks, soda and water, as well as catering to those who may have a dietary need. Willis said he tries to get good selections for students.

“We are here for the students and whatever they need, and we try to accommodate them,” Willis said. “If they see something they like and we don’t have it, I try to get it for them. We try to meet dietary needs. We have gluten-free and vegan (snacks).”

Although the cafe is smaller than other eateries on campus, Monroe To-Go provides a new place for students to grab a quick bite.

“We’re still new so we’re still trying to learn how much to bring over,” Willis said. “As Provider, we’re here for the school.”

Some students are enjoying the ease of getting a meal at the location. Aaron Kelly, senior kinesiology major and personal trainer at the Recreation Center, said he likes Monroe To-Go for its convenience.

“I like it for what it is,” Kelly said. “It’s convenient if we need to snack now and especially in between classes so it’s helpful in that way.”

Monroe To-Go accepts cash, credit, meal swipes, dining dollars and LancerBucks.

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