Pitcher ranks high among top Division I League players

At California Baptist University, the baseball program has seen plenty of action in the MLB draft including this summer when Tyson Miller, pitcher and junior communication major, had the opportunity to play in the Cape Cod Baseball League. At the end of the summer, Miller ranked among top Division I pitchers.

The Cape Cod Baseball League is a collegiate summer baseball league. At the end of the summer, the League chooses its top-25 Cape Cod Prospects for the 2016 MLB draft class. Miller was ranked No. 24 in the class and he is the first player from CBU to be ranked.

“It was a pretty fun experience playing with the Division I guys and the top prospects,” Miller said.

Miller started playing baseball at 4 years old and pursued his passion throughout his youth.

“I didn’t start pitching until freshman year of high school,” Miller stated. “But I’ve been involved in playing baseball my whole life. I’ve watched sports all the time. My brother played sports when I was younger so I played with him.”

Gary Adcock, head coach of the baseball team, said Miller is a player and person who is  driven to succeed.

“I have worked three years with Tyson and he is an important asset to the team,” Adcock said. “Tyson has the desire to be a capable pitcher and leader.”

During Miller’s time at CBU, Adcock said he expressed a interest in Miller’s success in baseball.

“Pitching is one of the hardest positions to play,” Adcock said. “If you’re not dedicated you wouldn’t have the success he has had.”

Coaches and team players are in constant contact with one another and can form bonds that can help launch players into success.

“Coach Adcock is a great coach since he’s been here,” Miller said. “The history has all been positive; everyone’s been improving.”

Miller’s teammates also see his perseverance and devotion for the game.

“I see a lot of potential and a lot of ‘go get it attitude’ in Tyson,” said Stephen Lohr, junior psychology major, third baseman and catcher for the team. “He is a great player. He has offered a lot by his ability to keep us in ball games and taking us to the big ones.”

Miller said getting to play for the Cape Cod Baseball League was a big deal for him and his future.

“Not a lot of guys get to do that,” Miller said. “This year has been a new and pretty fun experience.”

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