Post-season generates excitement

The regular season is almost coming to an end in Major League Baseball and some California Baptist University baseball fans anxiously wait for the post season to begin.

The current American League leaders are the Toronto Blue Jays, the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers. The current National League leaders are the New York Mets, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

John Schriver, freshman history major, said he think it is too late for the Yankees to make a comeback in the AL East.

“The Blue Jays are going to continue to walk away with it, they have better fire power than the Yankees do,” he said. “The Astros might make a comeback in the AL West because they have a really stellar pitching staff.”

Schriver’s prediction of the Wild Card in the AL West is between the Yankees or whomever is second place in the AL West. As for the National League, the Wild Card teams will be the Pirates and Chicago Cubs, two NL Central division teams. He predicted the World Series will be between the Blue Jays and the Cardinals, with the Blue Jays winning.

Josh Frigaard, junior civil engineering major, said he believes the Blue Jays will take first place this season.

“I feel like the Astros have been slipping and I don’t think they will take it this year,” he said. “The Pirates are too late in the season to make a comeback against the Cardinals.”

In the American League Wild Card, Frigaard said the teams will be the Yankees and the Astros.

“In the National League, I think both the Pirates and the Cubs make the Wild Card,” Frigaard predicted. “I think that the World Series will be between the Cardinals and the Royals, with the Cardinals winning.”

Marnie Kavern, senior business administration major, said she believes the Yankees will definitely be a Wild Card team along with the Cubs. She also predicted the Astros will win the AL West championship.

“The Cardinals will win the NL Central because the Cardinals have really good pitchers,” she said.

She predicted the World Series will consist of the Blue Jays and the Cardinals playing against each other, with the Blue Jays winning.

“The Blue Jays have stronger hitters,” she said.

Students at CBU are waiting for the arrival of the playoffs and hoping for their predictions to come true and their favorite teams to succeed in the post-season.

The World Series will begin Oct. 27, where the American League playoff champion and National League playoff champion will go head to head for this year’s title.

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