Social media app aims for authenticity in video clips

Social media is a powerful tool that most people use on a daily basis to broadcast their lives in a manner that is appealing to them and their followers, as a highlight reel of the user’s best moments.

True authenticity with no filters or censorship is hard to find online, but a new business on the market hopes to fix that with their video-sharing product known as “Beme.”

With Beme, pronounced like “beam,” the entire marketing of the application is focused on sharing honest content worldwide in four-second windows of video and sound.

“Being able to record with one hand is a major perk,” said Saramonét Stowe, junior psychology major and Beme app user. “(Beme) is great for recording incognito and not missing out on the moment.”

Video clips are brief in length and can be stacked successively to create a story that shares simple moments to family,  friends and followers.

By covering a phone’s front-facing sensor, typically only used to deactivate the screen when on a phone call, the user is forced to record with only the back camera to broadcast what is going on at that exact moment.

“It really allows you to get a glimpse into a real life event that your friend or celebrity is taking place in,” said Spencer Findlay, sophomore graphic design major.

While viewing other’s clips, reactions can be sent back to the content creator with the simple tap of the screen. This form of feedback is helpful and keeps the app fun and most importantly, interactive.

Users can get creative with their camera angles to provide a perspective not often considered by traditional recording, such as pressing the phone against the leg while longboarding across campus.

The interface is one aspect that requires some improvement in the app’s future. “It feels like a video game from the ’90s,” Findlay said. “I’m simply not a fan of the dark interface and the ugly green.”

Beme still has a long way to go before it can become a mainstream social media platform, but its concept is what has the potential to bring new users into the ever-growing crowd.

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