Student instrumentalist, vocalist seeks to inspire

Every school year, new talent makes its way into the Shelby and Ferne Collinsworth School of Music including Trey Taylor, freshman music education major.

He emerged from Colorado and began his first year at California Baptist University this fall. Taylor said he began his journey with music at a young age.

“Long ago, when I was but a wee lad, I started playing trumpet in my fourth grade band,” Taylor said. “We didn’t really ever do anything good, but it was cool.”

In sixth grade, Taylor picked up his first guitar and continued to challenge his musical ability with different instruments.

“I just started picking up more instruments as time went on,” Taylor said. “My freshman year of high school I was playing trumpet in band, I was singing in choir, I was playing guitar and I was playing keys. By my senior year I was playing drums, bass, piano and ukulele.”

Steffano Oyanader, junior biomedical engineer major, leads worship for a Bible study with Taylor and said his passion for music flows through him.

“When he plays music, he puts himself into the song,” Oyanader said. “Whether it’s Aladdin or Allen Stone, he digs into the song without fear of sounding off or strange.”

This semester, Taylor performs in Male Choral, Grace, Concert Band and Choral Union at CBU. Even with his numerous instrumental talents, Taylor explained that his favorite instrument is actually his voice.

“Every other instrument you play, besides singing, you need to have with you to practice,” Taylor said. “But you can sing wherever you are. I feel like it’s hardwired into everybody’s genetic code to be able to sing. Even if they’re like, ‘I can’t sing’ it’s not going to stop you from doing it.”

Taylor said he wants to pursue music as a career before he takes on the role of teaching.

“That’s the end goal, to be a famous musician. Then when I’m done rocking, I’ll pull a Dewey Finn (in “School of Rock”) and teach. I want to make people happy with music.”

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