Students prepare choir performances

The Shelby and Ferne Collinsworth School of Music at California Baptist University contains several performance groups that hold concerts locally and perform on tour throughout the school year.

During the month of September, the University Choir and Orchestra, Male Chorale and New Song held concerts that the public and CBU community could attend. The performance groups will continue to have performances during the school year.

“Every year we have new repertoire in our performances,” said Dr. Judd Bonner, dean of The School of Music and director of UCO. “This year we are including even more gospel music and we have an even wider variety of music overall.”

Natalie Prins, junior liberal studies major and UCO member, said with having about 150 songs in their repertoire, they are working on sight reading many new songs.

“We’re excited for new styles and varieties of music: gospel, hymns, contemporary Christian, country/western, acapella and others,” Prins said. “Our orchestra is doing incredible work that completely adds to the lyrics of the choir.”

They are also brushing up on some songs from previous years so the incoming students performing can practice.

“This year’s group is a bit younger than last year, but I would say the talent level is comparable,” Bonner said.

“It just needs to go through some development through practice.” In May, UCO will go on tour in Houston and Nashville, Tenn. to perform the songs they have prepared throughout the year.

“I’m most excited for the concerts to start,” Prins said. “We get to lead hundreds of people in worship in over 50 different settings and churches. The School of Music as a whole has such a cool opportunity to witness and lift others up through music. It is an incredible community that loves, encourages and shares the same passions for music and worshipping the Lord.”

Male Chorale, an all-men choir, sings hymns, contemporary and gospel. as well as other sounds that the audience can appreciate.

“I am excited to connect and shift ideas as well as people’s lives,” said Duane Taylor, freshman music education major who is part of Male Chorale, as well as Small Group Grace, a small vocal group that performs in local churches and across the United States.

For those who would like to attend a concert, performance schedules  are located at With the Fall season fast approaching, students have more opporunities than ever to see performances from all choirs across the campus and engage in worship.

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