Students ready first show

California Baptist University’s Wallace Theatre will host their first show of the year,
“The Apple Tree,” on Oct. 9-10 & 15-17

With only three weeks of rehearsal time for the full show, students and faculty producing the performance worked harder than usual.

Director Lisa Lyons, wife of Lee Lyons, professor of theater, explained the “furious” rehearsal process.

“They are really fast,” Lyons said. “The kids have to memorize a lot of lines and a lot of songs, but they are doing a great job. We have a good cast.”

Following the three weeks of rehearsal, the performers had one final tech week to finish preparing for the show with all the cues and lighting set for performance. The show’s storyline follows three short vignettes of characters making important decisions.

“We’re being pretty faithful to the original version,” Lyons said. “Because it’s three different stories, three distinct stories, there’s nothing that really links them together besides a theme of choices, making good choices. Obviously Adam and Eve made a bad choice.”

Lyons continued to explain the different stories including her mention of the second story, “Lady and the Tiger,” where she chooses between a tiger and her lover.

In the last piece, a woman attempts to find happiness in riches, but makes the decision to return to her life as a chimney sweep.

“In the third one, she tries to be rich and famous and understand life on a deeper level,” Lyons said. “She realizes that doesn’t make her happy. We do have choices and hopefully we choose the right one, with guidance of course.”

The audition process usually spans several weeks as opposed to the quick turnover for the performance of “The Apple Tree” cast over a week. Students were called back a few days after they auditioned for the play.

“It was really fun going in,” said Gabrielle Green, senior theater major. “It was a short audition process because it was a shorter show. It’s been a blast. It’s a small cast.”

Students explained the quicker approach allowed the students having more energy during the audition process and performances.

“We came in and sang parts thinking, ‘What’s going to happen now?’” said Jacob Nye, senior theater major.

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