Televison series binge can have benefits

Some students at California Baptist University may take part in watching the occasional television show or movie on streaming accounts, such as Netflix or Hulu, while others might take it to the extreme and binge-watch their favorite  television shows.

Binge-watching is the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television program in a single stretch of time.

Hannah Sturgis, sophomore early childhood studies major, said she binge-watched her favorite shows during her summer when she did not have anything else to do.

“I did not have anyone to hang out with, so I just binge-watched the whole time,” Sturgis said.

Sturgis said a few of her favorite shows to binge-watch are “Parks and Recreation”, “Criminal Minds” and “Friends”.

Aaron Layos, sophomore pre-nursing major, said he enjoys binge watching anime shows, “Parks and Recreation”, “Regular Show”, “The Simpsons” and “Raising Hope”.

Binge-watching shows can be a common recreational activity, but Dr. Joseph Pelletier, assistant professor of psychology and co-director of research, said it can also be a physiological one.

Pelletier said binge-watching can allow a person to unwind after a long and strenous day at school or work.

“At the end of a really busy day, once we put the kids down, I’ll put on something like “The Simpsons”, usually, or something I have seen before and it actually helps me to decompress from the whole day,” Pelletier said.

Pelletier said most people are drawn to watching sitcoms because they are enjoyable and people are more drawn to a lighter genre.

“With binge-watching, there was some research that came out recently that showed people who actually have higher IQs like to watch things that are familiar,” Pelletier said.

Evelyn Arenales, junior psychology major, said watching Netflix was her go-to activity the past two school years.

“Anytime I had free time I watched tv because it was part of how I relaxed. Even when I needed to do homework I’d place tv first because it became a routine,” Arenales said

She said now she is a resident adviser in Simmons Hall and does not binge watch anymore because she is too busy.

Brelly Ward, junior nutrition and food science major, said she loves binge-watching comedies.

“I have binge watched New Girl before,” Ward said. “I couldn’t stop watching it. It was during summer, though. I only do it when I have a lot of free time.”

Dr. Pelletier summed up bing-watching as therapeutic and said watching television allows people to  feel comforted, especially when someone is tired or upset.

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