Books set to release in October

Goodreads, a popular website devoted to books, shows 41 new books set to release in store shelves throughout the course of October including three books slated for release Oct. 13, online and in most
book stores.

Nicholas Sparks will release his 18th novel, “See Me.” The story tells of two people from  different backgrounds and how they come to fall in love with each another.

Colin Hancock is an ex-troublemaker determined to turn his life and though he is staying out of trouble, he is barely dodging prison. Then there is Maria Sanchez, a first generation American who attended Duke Law School and works in a respected firm. However, Maria has a dark past of her own. She has returned to her hometown questioning everything she once believed to be true.

When trouble arises from Maria’s past, the new couple has to fight to stay together, showing that sometimes the person who understands you best is not always who you would expect.

“Humans of New York: Stories” by Brandon Stanton is an addition to his 2013 photo project “Humans of New York.”

In 2010, Stanton began photographing people around New York for his blog. The stories and photos captured the hearts of more than 15 million people around the United States with the story’s candor and vibrancy. These photos and stories from the blog are now shared in book form for readers to enjoy.

“Ice Like Fire” is the second installment to “Snow Like Ashes” series by Sara Raasch. These books will capture the attention of
any who enjoy “Game of Thrones” or “A Court of Thorns and Roses.”

Taking place three months after the first book, “Ice Like Fire” continues the story of Meira, whose world of Winter had turned upside when she realized her fate was not in her own hands. All she wants is the people she loves to be safe, but they are all in grave danger. Meira is willing to fight for what she believes in, but she begins to wonder how long she will have to fight. She questions if her destiny is to only save the people she loves or the world in wich she lives.

Keep a look out for these books throughout the month.

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