Fortuna Bowl hopefuls duel, intramural season carries on

This year’s intramural flag football season kicked off on the Front Lawn at California Baptist University, and some students anticipate which teams will play in this year’s Fortuna Bowl on Nov.7.

Blake Owen, Community Life student intern, said the teams who have won the most games so far for the men’s teams are Goon Squad and Fruit of the Boom and said the women’s teams who are winning the most games so far are SWAT, Bombshell and BREX.

“For the girls, SWAT has put together a really good squad this year as well as BREX and the Bus Drivers,” he said. “For the men, the Goon Squad has a pretty good-looking team and Fruit of the Boom has everyone back from the previous year.”

He predicts the winners of the Fortuna Bowl championships will be SWAT for the women’s championship and the Goon Squad for the men’s championship.

Josh Prosser, sophomore applied theology major, wide receiver and cornerback for the team John Stamos, said he thinks his team is doing well.

“We’re doing pretty good,” Prosser said. “We’re 2-1, I can see us going pretty far, making the playoffs this year. We will have to see how far we go from there.”

Viviana Diaz, junior applied theology and Spanish double major, quarterback and cornerback on the team Bus Drivers, said she thinks her team is doing better this year than last.

“We have a completely new team and we found a rhythm,” she said. “I am getting the hang of it as a player. I feel like we are going to be playing like the Drivers and doing what the Drivers do and keeping the sisterhood above it all.”

The Fortuna Bowl championship game will take place during Homecoming Weekend. The weekend is going to be an eventful time for the CBU community, including students, faculty and families.

Homecoming weekend takes place Nov. 6-7. Along with Fortuna, several other athletic events will take place. On Nov. 6, the men’s water polo team will take on the University of Redlands at 7 p.m. and the wrestling team will take on Embry-Riddle University at 7:30 p.m.

Not only will the Fortuna Bowl take place Nov. 7, but the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. CBU as well as a fireworks show will take place after the championship game.

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