Professor educates his own kids

Professors and students can have a great bond and role in each others lives, especially when the professor and students are family.

Dr. Bonjun Koo, biology and environmental science professor at California Baptist University, has two children attending CBU and said he enjoys it.

“I think (my children) are really happy because of the Christian environment and are satisfied with the relationships between students and faculty here,” Koo said.

Joanna Koo, senior biology major, echoed her dad’s thoughts.

“I feel like (my dad) is really proud to see how much we’re growing, not only academically, but maturity-wise,” Joanna said.

Joanna said she likes having her dad as a professor at CBU.

“At first it was really weird for me, but I think it’s really refreshing seeing how passionate he is about his job,” Joanna said. “The relationships he forms with his students is so awesome.”

Koo said all the praise and support does not come without some moments of embarrassment, though.

“They may feel embarrassed as I’m the type of professor who sings songs in front of the class and jokes, but generally they’re fine,” Koo said.

Koo said his children did not get any special treatment while in his class and he has a teacher’s aide grade the exams.

Beyond relationships with students and their parents as faculty, both Koo and Joanna spoke highly of student-faculty relationships in general at CBU.

His daughter attributes these close-knit student-faculty relationships at school to it being a smaller, private Christian

“I feel like you can’t get the relationships you get here at other universities,” Joanna said. “Not only is the faculty-student ratio smaller, but the faculty have a genuine heart for their students.”

Koo mentioned he thinks  one of the reasons why CBU is growing so rapidly and successfully is because it shares goals, morals and faith, making it a community.

“In Christ, we became brothers and sisters,” Koo said.

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