Riverside community comes together for farm fresh food

Many Riverside locals gather every Saturday morning for a community experience, where people of all ages can purchase delectable treats only acquired at their neighborhood farmers market.

The Riverside Downtown Farmers Market, located on Main Street between 5th and 6th street, offers customers a range of organic crops produced by small family-owned businesses striving to put forth quality products.

Danella Assanelli, local worker at Drake Family Farms, said farmers’ markets are currently in demand because they provide an attractive atmosphere to those seeking healthier lifestyles.

Although Assanelli still shops at grocery stores, she said she tries purchasing the majority of her organic favorites from farmers’ markets.

“It’s more about where the food comes from,” Assanelli said. “They actually have the location on there, versus when you go to a grocery store, it doesn’t say which farm, specifically, it was made from.”

Assanelli said farmers’ markets give residents a sense of community because they are buying and interacting with people from nearby cities.

Some students from California Baptist University have joined the crowd in taking a liking to the enviroment of farmers’ markets while sampling the produce each business offers.

“I like how you can interact more with the owners of the local shops and in that way it becomes more personal,”  said Rachel Hom, senior psychology major.

Jimmi Don, owner of T.R. Cairns, which sells fresh fruit, said he favors getting produce from local markets instead of a grocery store.

Don also mentioned he appreciates the chance he has of growing his own fruits, knowing there are no added chemicals or preservatives. Don said being able to oversee the natural growth of his fruits is the reason he farms.

“You have your own sources of food and don’t have to go out and spend as much money,” Don said. “You save a lot more. As far as the process of growing, you can do whatever processes you like, instead of the process that the store or markets do.”

The special care put into the preparation of the variety of products, including fruits, vegetables and cheeses, is what encourages shoppers to continuing buying healthier options.

These markets make their resources available to all, while providing wholesome foods and satisfying the needs of loyal customers.

“Organic foods are way more healthy, fresh and all the way around better,” Don said.

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