Students receive dietary accommodations

When students at California Baptist University eat on campus, they have the opportunity of choosing from a variety of healthy options.

CBU and Provider Food Services work together to create a variety of food for all students on campus and make efforts to have options available for students with special diets. Special diet accommodations are available at all seven dining options on

“Food safety is a huge thing,” said Cristilynn Rood, food safety and nutrition coordinator. “A lot of students feel embarrassed to say anything, but the workers expect it and want to help you.”

Rood said she checks every vendor and dining option every two weeks to make sure everything is up to CBU standards.

Students can find chalkboards in The Alumni Dining Commons and Wanda’s Place to see which gluten-free and vegetarian options are available. Dairy-free options are labeled for workers and other ingredient information is available through location managers.

Katie Buehrer, senior psychology major, said she is allergic to tree nuts and sensitive to gluten but still able to eat on campus.

“CBU does an excellent job labeling items that have nuts or gluten,” Buehrer said. “I was really impressed with the chalkboard they have listing all the gluten-free items in the caf each day.”

Students are encouraged to let the food service know of any dietary needs.

“The biggest thing for me is communication,” said Joe Adcock, assistant dean of students.

Rood is available to meet with students to discuss their dietary needs and any questions they have regarding food on campus.

“We are getting to know each student personally,” she said. “It’s more personal when you get to have that one-on-one.”

While some students have food allergies, some students choose special diets to stay healthy. Eating healthy is a choice and Rood said that CBU wants to respect that and have choices on campus so students can continue to take care of their bodies.

“People are more aware about their bodies and what affects them,” Adcock said.

Lucy McCoy, sophomore public health major, said she made the choice to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle in the end of her high school career.

“When deciding where to go to college, because I treat these foods as if they are an allergy, it was very important that I would choose a college that would accommodate to my needs,” McCoy said. “CBU has done that and more. There are endless amounts of options and alternatives to still eat the delicious food CBU offers while choosing the healthier option instead.”

A special diet should not have to prevent students from having a meal plan or enjoying food on campus. Provider has made this experience possible for students through their many accommodations.

“We want students to be able to interact with other students in the caf and in other meal areas because that’s a big part of college life,” Adcock said. “There’s a lot of social interaction that goes on around ameal. As a university, we want to be able to provide the best food services possible and I think Provider has done a great job with that.”

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