Students work multiple jobs, take full-time units

Some students at Califonria Baptist University work multiple jobs and more than 12 units   of classes, requiring their time to be planned accordingly to make time for other activities.

Anna Crosby, sophomore applied statistical analysis major, works at Forever 21, Conferences and Events and the Associated Students of California Baptist University as a commuter representative. Working close to 25 hours per week and taking 12 units of school, Crosby said it took time to learn how to balance both.

“Last year, I worked two jobs,” Crosby said. “But with 18 units it was really stressful. I feel like I missed out on a lot of social activities because that’s the first thing that gets cut between work and school. This year I’ve definitely learned balance.”

Crosby said one thing helping her keep her schedule straight is the student planner CBU provided for students at
Student Services.

James Vest, sophomore biochemistry and molecular biology major, works 20 hours each week as a laboratory preparer, a tow truck washer and a tutor, maintaining 15 units of science classes.

“I think one of the hardest parts about working and going to school full time is the balance,” Vest said. “You really don’t get a lot of time to slack off and say ‘I’ll just do this assignment tomorrow’ because you have a shift you have to cover.”

Vest said he does not write things down, he just remembers what he has to do.

“Not to say I don’t plan things,” Vest said.  “I do. Just not to the level where I’ll write in my planner everyday.”

Lisa Singer, administrative assistant at the Career Center, said the most important thing is to prioritize and plan ahead.

“Don’t wait until Monday morning on your way to class to organize yourself,” Singer said. “Look at your weekly or daily schedule on Sunday afternoon. Not late at night so you are stressed out and can’t sleep, though. Use a planner to mark your schedule.”

Crosby said even with all the hard work, she is happy to be attending CBU.

Maintaining friendships is extremely important, whether that’s spending time on the weekend or using time between classes,” Crosby said. “The relationships I’ve made here make every penny worth it. Definitely worth the hard work.”

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