ASCBU gives ADC sliding doors doors in ADC

Students that eat on the outdoor patio of the Alumni Dining Commons can now enjoy the convenience of automatic sliding doors, provided by the Associated Students of California Baptist University.

During her first year as freshman representative, Makenna Lammons, junior psychology and criminal justice major and current ASCBU president, pitched the idea of automatic doors for the ADC to the Executive Council. Nothing happened until she became president this year, however, as she included it as part of her campaign.

After getting the funds approved by ASCBU and the logistics approved by Facilities & Planning Services, construction began the week before school started and was completed nearly a month and a half later.

“It’s a huge relief,” Lammons said. “I was surprised that it happened this early in the semester and I’m so thankful for Facilities and their hard work. Now it’s like a weight off my shoulders. I felt like because I said this, I had to follow through.”

Lammons first came up with the idea her freshman year when she saw students struggling to get through the doors.

“I remember freshman year I was noticing people on crutches who couldn’t get through the door,” she said. “There’s so many spills right there. I’m thinking, ‘There are automatic doors in other places. Why can’t it be in the cafeteria?’”

After going to Facilities to get quotes from a few companies, she presented the amount to ASCBU. They approved a budget of $15,000, which came from rollover funds dedicated to sustainable projects of 20 years or more. Additional fees were supplied by CBU. From that point forward, Facilities took care of finding the company to implement the doors, change the infrastructure of the ADC and meet regulations.Lammons said all of the feedback she has heard so far has been positive.

Will Yih, sophomore healthcare administration major, mentioned how convenient it was that traffic through the doors can now flow quicker.

“(Before the automatic doors), people would often drop their trays sometimes,” he said. “I saw this one girl, she dropped her tray because she couldn’t open the door. I just think it’s so much more convenient. I think it’s the best thing that’s happened to the cafeteria.”

Because of the cost, Lammons said this will be the biggest ASCBU project of the year.  Other plans include Homecoming court and bicycle racks for Lancer Arms.

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