Commuter Lounge helps commuters interact, get involved in campus life

California Baptist University has more than 3,000 commuters this year and the community offered on-campus can help them get involved.

Some commuters may have different needs than those who live on campus and CBU makes accommodations for commuter students in which they can take advantage.

Associate Students of California Baptist University offers giveaways and has given away T-shirts, car chargers and backpacks in the past.

In addition, the Commuter Lounge located in The Cottages is where students can study, watch television and interact with others.

“I appreciate the Commuter Lounge a lot because it’s somewhere that we can stay and
be productive when everything else is closed, especially late at night,” said Connie Houng,
junior pre-nursing major.

Amanda Knight, junior early childhood studies major, said it is difficult to commute after having the opportunity of  living on campus for two years.

“I felt like I was so involved and now it’s hard to be so disconnected,” Knight said.

However, Anna Crosby, sophomore applied statistical analysis major and ASCBU commuter representative, said if a student is willing to put in the time and effort, there are many opportunities and activities CBU offers.

Crosby encourages commuters to interact with other commuters who can relate to them.  Ways to get in touch with fellow students include attending school events, joining clubs and attending sporting events.

Being a commuter or a resident can yield a different experience, but for James Vest, sophomore biochemistry and molecular biology major and commuter student, the title  does not matter.

“The thing I love so much about CBU, whether you are a commuter or a resident, is the people,” Vest said.

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