Ellis sets new goal of 12,000 by 2025

California Baptist University surpassed Dr. Ronald L. Ellis’ goal of 8,080 students by 2020 this fall semester with a total enrollment number of 8,541 students.

Now, the Board of Trustees has announced a new goal: 12,000 students by 2025.

“Reaching that goal will require almost exactly the same-sized annual increases that we originally calculated were needed each of the 15 years to accomplish the 8,080 by 2020 goal, so I believe the goal is both realistic and achievable,” said Ellis, CBU president.

The increasing growth of the students means that CBU will have to be vigilant in maintaining services available for the students, faculty and surrounding community.

This has been recognized through changes like opening Lancer Arms for traditional housing and adding a new health science campus on Monroe Street.

“Continuing growth of the university will require attention to all of these factors and more to support the academic mission and programs of CBU, as well as student housing, dining, parking and other vital services,” Ellis said.

Several factors that play into the general growth of the student body at CBU.

Kent Dacus, vice president for Enrollment and Student Services, attributes it to the academics, the people and the campus itself.

“One, we have added so many majors and fields of study that students want and are underserved in the market,” Dacus said. “Secondly, we have a beautiful campus that is attractive to potential students. Thirdly, we have a friendly staff and faculty that is so appealing to future students and their families.  I hear all the time how many visitors are impressed by our people. I think all of these things just build on themselves.”

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