Emotional support pet offers relief for owner

Out of the thousands of male students walking around California Baptist University, the most adorable male is barely one foot high. His name is  Sully and he is a cat.

Sully, a black short-hair, lives with his owner Sara Escobedo, sophomore public relations major, in The Colony apartments, and spends his days replying in soft meows. He is declawed to prevent damage to the apartment or students who visit him between 7 and 9 p.m. on weekdays.

“He’s a people-person,” Escodebo said. “He’s actually kind of a dog. He chases his tail, he eats human food, he licks people and plays fetch.”

Escobedo received permission from the university to have Sully live with her.

“It’s through disability services and I have him for my anxiety,” Escobedo said. “But sometimes people think
that’s just a loophole. He
actually does really help and it’s
awesome having him around.”

Emotional support animals offer therapeutic benefits for the owner and can mitigate symptoms of distress or illness.

“It’s one of those things where I’m having a hard day and he’s so happy to see me,” Escobedo said. “I do think he’s helped a lot.”

At 6 months old, Sully has gained enough attention from residents to merit a small note in the apartment window
to prevent the constant disturbances.

“We put a note up there because my roommate Emily (Schmidt) is right under the window, so she hears everyone saying things like, ‘Look at the cat! Oh my gosh,’”
Escobedo said.

Schmidt, sophomore early childhood development major and roommate to Sully and Escobedo, said Sully attracts the attention of other residents when
he is sitting on the window ledge.

“I was laying in my bed and somebody was tapping on my window,” Schmidt said. “I just peaked my head out and they ran off. Normally, Sully is just sitting in my window, but it’s funny when
people walk by and don’t realize I’m sitting there too.”

Follow Sully on Instagram, @_sullythecat_ and keep an eye out for him sitting in the window in the Colony.

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