Engineers save money by creating ‘Do-It-Yourself’ projects

Some engineering students at California Baptist University have gone the extra mile and are trying to save money by taking on do-it-yourself projects.

Students like Jacob Herington, junior mechanical engineering major, are working on a few do-it-yourself projects. Recently, he build his own stereo and worked on a rifle target he found to be convenient and save him some money.

“Most of the (do-it-yourself) stuff I have done has just been for the fun of it,” Herington said. “Everything I have made has worked and has been useful. The stereo is not quite as convenient as a store bought one,simply because of my budget, but the rifle target was
convenient and it saved me more than $100.”

Cameron Schaefer, junior electrical computer engineering major, is currently working on a plasma speaker using high- voltage to make an arc plasma. This passes an audio signal through the speaker and causes the arc to vibrate the air around it to make sound.

“I am doing this to learn more about high-voltage circuits,” Schaefer said.

Dr. Mark Gordon, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and bioengineering, knows what it takes for students  creating do-it-yourself projects.

“The biggest factor is the student’s desire to build things rather than their knowledge,” Gordon said.

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