Frontier Missions and the Reality of Islam Lecture

California Baptist University’s  College of Engineering announces  a guest lecture with missionary Dr. Paul Choi, the founder and director of INTERCP.

The event will take place  Nov. 2, from 6-7:30 p.m., in the Business Building room. 124.

He will present current mission challenges and strategies in regards to issues in the Middle East.

  The lectures will be in Korean with English translation. All students and faculty members are welcome.

California passes euthanasia bill

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Oct. 5 that gives terminally ill Californians the right to terminate their life legally.

The bill would enable patients with six months or less to live to have the option to end their life via doses of medicine.

The decision to pass this bill comes after the pope’s highly publicized U.S. tour and the Catholic Church’s opposition to the right-to-die act.

Community Life offers trips into nature

Students have the opportunity to explore nature through Outdoor Adventures offered by Community Life.

Students embarked on a trip to Zion National Park on Oct. 23, but another opportunity to travel during Thanksgiving break will be available.

In December, students can also sign up for a journey to Mammoth Mountain. If interested, check the Community Life website for more details.

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill banning concealed guns from California schools

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Oct. 10 banning concealed weapons from California schools and universities.

This bill will prohibit anyone from carrying a concealed weapon on campuses except for on-duty police and authorized personnel to help in an emergency situation.

Only people who have a permit for their concealed firearms, can carry it within 1,000 feet of school or college campuses, but not on the grounds.

Senator Bernie Sanders discusses free tuition plan at public colleges

Senator Bernie Sanders proposed free tuition at four-year public colleges and universities at the recent Democratic debate Oct.13.

He also proposed work-study programs for students at private universities.

Sanders noted countries like Germany and Sweden offer free higher education.

Sanders estimates the plan would cost $70 billion per year.

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