Relationship values detered with social media usage

Living in the age of social media, you hear fairytale story endings of people who met online and fell in love from websites like or eHarmony. However, there is a dark side of dating with social media being at the forefront of your relationship.

In this present time, it is common for couples to post their significant other all over their social networks. Everyone wants to be the “perfect couple,” the “cutest couple,” or get the most comments and likes on their pictures. From the outside looking in, you start comparing your relationship to the ones you see on Facebook or Instagram.

We have developed a stigma that if you post the person on your profile it must be serious and if you don’t, its not. It gets to the point where people are so consumed with wanting to be relatable, they compromise the privacy of their relationship and broadcast every aspect of it.

Social media has developed a scale for this generation in which people weigh their worth based on the amount of likes or followers they have. This is when monogamy becomes a conflict with social media being so popular.

Is liking a certain type of picture on another girl/boy profile count as flirting?  How do you stay in a successful and committed relationship with being so young and having access to so many different people?

Another downside of dating in this age of social media would have to be when you breakup. You have to go through this excruciating process of taking pictures off your profile and everyone knowing you guys broke up. Then you have to un-follow them on all social networks to dissect any chance of you seeing them.

The best way to date during this age is to not get caught in the hype. Do not let social media define or validate your relationship. Trust your significant other.

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