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An “eHarmony” website for pet adoption? Yes, it does exist. PawsLikeMe is a website that matches potential dog owners with dogs in need based on their personality so that every canine may find a loving home.

Potential matches for adoption are not based on how the dog looks, but rather if the dog’s energy, confidence, focus and independence levels match with the hopeful adopter.

Based on the statistics from PawsLikeMe, there are 8 million pets that enter animal shelters every year. The founders of this website hope to reduce that number by giving adopters the tools they need to form a long-term relationship with their new dog.

Users take a quiz with questions ranging from personality to living conditions, all in an effort to match the perfect dog for every person, because no two people’s preferences are exactly the same. The quiz tries to provide a wide range of options for every user.

Kolby Stinson, freshman communications studies major, said the website is a great way to adopt pets in need.

“(PawsLikeMe) was pretty accurate,” said Stinson after taking the website’s quiz. “If I were to get another dog, I would definitely use this website.”

One of the many dogs featured on the website is Basil, a pitbull terrier located at Priceless Pet Rescue in Chino Hills.

Basil suffered head trauma from her previous owner’s treatment. Despite her past, Basil is a happy dog ready for a new home.

After only being there for a few weeks, the pet rescue’s staff said she has won their hearts, an effect that the dogs have on volunteers at the shelters and foster care homes.

“We try to get as much exposure as we can possibly can,” said Sharon Davis, adoption manager at Priceless Pet Rescue in Chino Hills. “That way we can find a home for the dogs as quickly as possible.”

Davis said she thinks PawsLikeMe is a fantastic idea and is happy to know that her dogs are able to be seen online.

This website is advancing the adoption world and not just for dogs in need of rescue. The website’s owners are hoping to later add personality quizzes to match cats with adopters.

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