Try Guys inspire with local seminar

The Internet has seen them become ninja warriors, experience pregnancy situations and perform Irish Step Dance, but on Oct. 15 now the Buzzfeed Try Guys stepped back to talk about who they are off the computer screen during a panel at the University of California, Riverside.

“It is great for them to constantly be expressing their opinions regardless of the issue and at the same time keeping the audience entertained,” said Seth Bugg, senior biology major.

The four Try Guys—Eugene Yang, Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer and Zach Kornfeld—visited UCR Oct. 15 to delight students with details of their friendships.

“We all started work around the same time,” Yang said. ”What you see
on camera is very much the way we act with each other off camera.”

They went on to rebuff the common misconception that being an online star does not require too much effort.

“We won’t let a video go online unless it’s perfect,” Habersberger said. “We’re actually different departments, so to make Try Guys as effective as it is. It takes a lot of time and we also have to be spending time working on our own team objectives. I think the hardest thing is getting it all done.”

They played an upcoming video where they dressed in misguided Halloween costumes, and took questions from audience members, even allowing a moment of vulnerability regarding their insecurities.

“I will say, the videos have made it easier to not care in real life, so the perceived imperfections you have about yourself people don’t notice,” Kornfeld said. “It’s allowed me to realize that everyone’s beautiful, but you’re probably harder on yourself than anyone else. I know I certainly was. So it has allowed me a great deal of confidence and confidence I hope other people can learn from.”

Their level of self-assurance radiates to their viewers as they attempt to understand different cultures.

“These guys are actually really inspiring,” Michael Petrila, senior applied theology major, said. “It takes a lot to take yourself out of your comfort zone even when it comes to ordering something new from your favorite restaurant, let alone how they completely try to jump into new cultures and experiences.”

The guys encouraged the audience with inspiring words.

“As long as you keep pushing yourself, keep trying to make things that resonate with people, that are changing cultural conversations. You’re bound to be set up for success basically,” Fulmer said.

Shortly after, in true Try Guys fashion, they danced on the stage in an unscripted dance-off to “Ignition (Remix)” by R Kelly.  in a performance Habersberger that closed out the seminar.

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