Education should be goverment investment

Attending night classes and working two jobs was how I spent a year and a half of my life in an effort to tackle adulthood and pay for my bills and tuition. In the day of my parents, working a part-time job was enough to help them pay for college themselves and graduate relatively debt free.

Today, students looking to pursue an education often find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to financing their educational needs. Multiple jobs are needed in order to pay for necessities or be able to take out loans.

While this creates a much needed work ethic among this generation, it brings up cause to question whether or not our government is making us push ourselves too far to pursue our goals in education. Government aid for education is something that should not be taken away.

Recently, Cal Grants have been considered to be a luxury that our government may not be able to afford, resulting in higher requirements to meet the criteria for approval, and less money being awarded to fewer students. Roughly 6 percent of government spending is allocated to education, almost 3 billion less than the government spends on its own budget.

FAFSA and school-awarded loans and grants only get a student so far. The hassle of filling out pages of financial information only to be told you’re not deserving enough of the help that comes from our government is unacceptable.

I come from a single-parent home and have been, for the most part, financially independent since I turned 18. I have always been concerned with my financial independence, as I want to alleviate the financial burden of my family.

Within that concern is the desire to get my education, so I may help provide for my mom and younger sisters.

Paying for school has been a struggle, as I manage all of my loans, aid and payments myself. While I do not mind taking care of this myself, I should not have to go about it in a way that I physically cannot afford.

Adulthood comes with several responsibilities, but being financially stable when seeking a proper education should be something the government rushes to aid in, as investing in the education and well-being of our generation is what propels society into progression.

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