Adele lends variety, matures within ‘25’

One of the most influential singer-songwriters in history, Adele, is known for her soulful voice and powerful lyrics. Adele launched her third studio album “25,” Nov. 20.

Her inspiration for her new album is her hope to make up for lost time wasted on past relationships.

All three studio releases by Adele are full of songs which include stories of break-ups, heart aches, and pains because of love. The singer is known for her touching lyrics and captivating vocal range.

Adele’s, “25” is different from her previous work. With the new record being much more mature than the otheralbums in her discography. Her first single, “Hello” was released before the album and touched the hearts of individuals across the globe as it quickly rose to prominence solidifying Adele’s worldwide popularity.

In previous albums, the singer acted as a victim and often times put the blame on others for her broken relationships. However, in “Hello,” she focuses on her own shortcomings as a partner.

The record features Adele’s booming voice on each track, but an early stand-out on the song list, “Send My Love (to Your New Lover),” mixes up her songwriting formula. The composition contains a playful drum beat and handclaps backing a chorus of multi-tracked vocal arrangements, a musical innovation for Adele.

Adele’s new album takes listeners from her life as an adult to reminiscing about the past with songs such as “When we were Young” and “Million Years Ago”. This album is full of immense apology and growth; it not only portrays Adele’s maturity as an individual, but as a performer and musician as well.

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