Greenery attracts positive attention

Plant life at California Baptist University experiences seasons of cold winds, scorching summers and breezy autumns all under the maintenance of one specific crew.

The staff responsible for the upkeep of plant life from towering elder trees to budding miniature roses is the Office of Facilities and Planning Services.

“I love walking from my classes back to my room and seeing the trees almost cascade over me,” said Robin Batts, sophomore psychology major.

Many student social media accounts have photos of the plant life and sunsets around campus, attracting new and prospective students.

If any landscape features endanger CBU students, facility employees are quick to remove any threat such as fallen trees or debris.

“The plant life here (is) quite beautiful and we all work really hard to ensure it stays that way,” said Hector Guerra, facilities employee.

With the season change comes a sense of appreciation of plant life on campus for  one graduatingstudent.

“I’ve come to notice all the growth patterns that come with the plants on campus, from the very fertile season of fall to the more bare season of winter,” said Emily Sagherian, childhood studies major.

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